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How to Preserve Your Car's Resale Value


our car, like your home, is a major investment, yet polls reveal that Americans spend a great deal more money, time, and effort maintaining their homes than their cars. Allotting a few dollars and a little time to caring for your car can save you lots of money down the road and preserve the resale value of your vehicle.

The first step is to learn about your vehicle — read the owner’s manual. Then check your car’s “vital signs” on a regular basis. Make a habit of taking your car in for regular tune-ups, and you will keep your car in good shape. You will extend the life of your car, keep it looking good, and maintain its fuel efficiency — all of which will help increase its resale value.

Keep up on basic maintenance. Check the fluids, the tire pressure, and the tires. Check hoses and belts and replace them when they are worn out. Clean the battery terminals and make sure that the cable connections and ground wire are tight. Monitor the way your vehicle runs. If you smell or hear anything strange, check it out immediately. Don’t wait for that annoying squeal to become a major brake job. Check out all the lights and signals. Look out for any puddles of liquid under the car or on the driveway.

Be sure to preserve the exterior appearance of your vehicle. Washing and waxing on a regular basis can make your car look like new. Maintaining a car’s appearance can increase its value. The paint system, which includes a primer, paint, and clearcoat, all work interdependently with one another. This paint system is the biggest challenge to the resale value of your car — it is highly sensitive and it covers the entire body of the car. A paint job that is intact will not only influence its resale value but also its marketability. The fact is that a sleek looking car with a blown gasket will sell way before a beat up but mechanically sound sedan.

So keep it clean — inside and out. A regular wash and frequent wax job will keep your vehicle looking new and help protect it from environmental pollutants and UV damage. Touch up scratches as soon as you spot them or they will morph into large rust spots. Matching paint is available from dealerships or from auto supply stores.

Vacuum your car regularly. Clean the dash and treat it with a protective product. Clean and protect all leather seats, and clean spills on upholstery promptly, before they attract more dirt. You can even have your car’s carpet and upholstery professionally shampooed.

Whether your car is brand-new or nine years old, it’s an important investment. Maintaining your vehicle properly can keep it running well, looking good, and preserve its resale value.

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