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Atlantic Mutual Insurance Announces On-line Safety Manual

Offers tips on Auto and Home Safety


New York, NY – April 10th, 2003 - "Your Safety: Part of Our Mission" is a new online

 guide that provides homeowners with nearly 50 different things they can do around the house and in the 

car to help prevent accidents and injuries.


    Available online at, the 12-page primer can be
 viewed or printed and contains suggestions that homeowners can do themselves or that will help guide
 professionals and contractors they choose to repair or maintain their property.


    While largely concerned with tips for home safety, the guide also contains important information about 

car safety, including instructions on how to prevent theft and carjacking, as well as guidelines for staying 

safe on the road.


    Suggestions for preventing theft of your vehicle include: installing security devices, such as a steering 

wheel lock, car alarm or vehicle tracking system; never leaving the keys in the ignition, even if you only 

leave your car for a moment; keep personal items such as gifts and expensive items out of sight in the 

truck while parking; park with your emergency brake on and your wheels turned sharply to the left or right 

to prevent thieves with tow trucks from stealing your car and park your car in a locked garage, if possible.


    For those concerned with carjackings, guidelines include: staying alert and watch for suspicious people 

lurking nearby or moving toward your vehicle; drive with your windows closed and the doors locked; if 

another car bumps you – stay in your car and drive to the nearest police station or public place; don’t stop 

at isolated pay phones, ATM machines, mailboxes or newspaper stands; park in well-lit areas, and if 

threatened by a carjacker, remember that your safety and the safety of your passengers is your only 



    Common sense tips for remaining safe on the road include: use courtesy while driving and anticipate 

that other drivers may make unsafe driving decisions; prevent incidents from escalating into “road rage” 

by not engaging in unnecessary eye contact with other drivers, by letting aggressive drivers pass you and 

by ignoring rude gestures or comments.


     The guide can be downloaded free of charge using the above website address.


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