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Scion Solutions Hitting Paydirt with Young Customers


August 6, 2003 -- Torrance, CA Toyota apparently has strike pay dirt  with their new line of cars being marketed to the younger crown. The Scion only went on sale in California on June 9, but the numbers are already speaking volumes - younger buyers and lessees are signing the dotted line so they can slip into their new vehicle, many with the help of Toyota Financial Services' Scion Solutions.

Scion Solutions, a product line that falls under the TFS umbrella of products and services was created in June 2003 to support the launch of Scion. Among the product lines' unique features are a haggle-free finance experience and some special programs to help potential Scion customers get into the car of their choice.

"With Scion, we are anticipating a younger buyer who may not have an established credit history," said Dave Nordstrom, TFS Corporate Manager of Products. "With Scion Solutions, we are creating an affordable way for these individuals to make a major purchase and start building credit."

And based on the first two months of sales, the numbers are proving that the younger crowd is latching onto the "what you see is what you get" finance experience and special programs. The haggle-free buying experience appears to be drawing new customers in at a pleasing rate.

The average age of a customer financing under Scion Solutions programs is 35, but that number drops to 27 when you look solely at the nearly 27 percent of applications being submitted online at

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