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August's Top 20 Most Researched Cars and thier Selling Prices

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 4 / -- Are you more comfortable driving the most popular car on the road, or would you rather have something a little more unusual? And how much could that choice cost you?  There’s an easy way to find out just how popular your selection may be. Every month more than five million unique visitors go online to Kelley Blue Book- many of them researching new vehicles.  During the month of August 2003, more than 28 million vehicle pricing reports were generated with the top research pick being the Honda Accord.


     1   Honda          Accord             11  Honda         Odyssey

     2   Honda          Civic                12  Toyota         4Runner

     3   Toyota         Camry              13  BMW           3 Series

     4   Chevrolet/GMC  Pickups     14  Infiniti          G35

         (Silverado and Sierra )            15  Honda         CR-V

     5   Ford             Pickups (F Series)  16  VW          Jetta

     6   Nissan         Altima                17  Ford            Explorer

     7   Dodge          Ram Pickups     18  VW             Passat

     8   Toyota         Tacoma              19  Nissan        Murano

     9   Toyota         Highlander          20  GMC         Trailblazer/Envoy   

    10   Honda        Pilot                                    

The New Car Blue Book combines information on current market conditions with data reflecting the vehicle’s actual selling price, based on tens of thousands of recent sales transactions from across the United States.  The data is also offered as a range, since not every car sells for the exact same price.  By showing both the low and high ends of the range a car-buyer can better determine whether they are getting a good deal.  

Here are a couple of examples of the difference between average selling price range of vehicles and the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.  Each one illustrates both market demand and cost factors.   Let’s take the Accord LX, the most common selling Accord in the Honda fleet. According to Kelley’s a 2003 4-door LX automatic is selling right now between $18,683.00 -- 19,253.00, even though the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) is $20,710.00.  This is certainly to the buyer’s advantage - high demand and available supply helps drive down the average price.  Of course, there’s always the almost-obligatory bargaining to help you out. 

In the other example, Kelley’s Blue Book has called the coupe version of the Infiniti G35 'truly stunning' and others named it car of the year.  Charlie Vogelheim, executive editor at Kelley Blue Book, says this car is hard to find.  "The market conditions feature of our New Car Blue Book Value will tell you why a car is selling at a specific price.  The G35 coupe is very popular and dealers don't have a sufficient supply.  Because of low supply and high demand consumers are paying close to MSRP or above for the coupe version of the G35."  The New Car Blue Book value shows that a select few are picking up this car below MSRP ($32,745.00), but most transactions are taking place between $32,254.00 -- 33,236.00. 

For you as a consumer, this is yet another tool to help you wheel and deal on the showroom floor.  Who knows? Your negotiating skills may help you become one of the informed and lucky consumers to that ends up paying at the lowest end of the range.

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