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The 10 Commandments for Keeping Your Kids Entertained on that Long Trip



raveling with your children doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, it can be a very enjoyable and fun experience if you know how to plan appropriately. By following the suggestions in this article, you can be certain that you won’t pull your hair out at the end of the trip, and that your kids won’t be bored to tears. Below are 10 tips you can follow to ensure that you have a great trip.


1. Route Your Trip. Make sure that you route out your trip before you go. Make sure that you know where the rest areas are located, and also try and stay at kid-friendly hotels that are equipped with video game rooms, activities, etc. This will give your children something fun to look forward to.


2. Follow Child Safety Rules. Always, always, always, make sure that you child sits in their car seat and or stays buckled up at all times. This is very important because car seats and safety belts save lives.


3.  Bring Toys Along. Remember that children get bored easily, especially when they are traveling for long distances. Therefore, make sure that you bring all sorts of goodies to keep them entertained. Pack crayons and coloring books, magazines, games that they can play in the car, cards, blank notebooks and markers, Magna Doodles, and Etch-A-Sketch games, to name a few.


4. Bring Treats. Make sure that you bring lots of healthy snacks. Being hungry is no fun for adults and it is certainly no fun for children. Some healthy snacks that children like are Cheerios, animal crackers, fruit snacks, apples, pears, and other fruit. However, you must be certain to supervise your young child when they are eating to avoid potential choking hazards.


5. Plan Fun activities.  Really be creative and think of fun and exciting games that you can play in the car. Most kids love to play” Ask the trucker honk their horn”, in which you pretend to be honking your horn in the air and then the trucker honks their horn, or “First One to Spot X # of Colored Cars, Signs, Farm Animals, Etc.Wins” The trick is to make kids active participants. 


6. Pack Clean-up Supplies and First Aid Kits. Let’s face it. Children are messy. To avoid major clean ups or fix minor boo-boos, make sure that you pack plenty of wet wipes, paper towels and a First Aid Kit. This will ensure that you can clean up accidents before they become major problems and patch up minor cuts, etc. Plus, this will give you the piece of mind that you need.


7. Bring Tapes and Cassettes. Listening to Big Bird Sing, “Old McDonald Had A Farm” might not be your idea of a good time, but if it keeps your children occupied and entertained then by all means, let the music play. This will help make the time pass by quickly.


8. Stop at Kid Friendly Restaurants. Make sure that you make periodic stops at restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King’s, Hardee’s, etc.,  and if they have play yards then by all means let your kids burn off some extra energy.


9. Plan Activities When You Get There. The fun doesn’t stop once you reach your destination. Make sure that you have activities planned for when you get there. Bring favorite blankets, pillows, play doh, bubbles, books, swimming gear, etc. The key is to bring gadgets that you can use to keep them entertained once you get into your hotel room.


Finally, have fun and enjoy your kids. Nothing beats spending quality time with your kids.  Relax and enjoy this special time and remember that they’re only kids for a short while. Enjoy them and your trips together as much as you can!



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