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Tips for Traveling with Pets



o, youíre planning on traveling with your pet in the very near future, well good for you. No one wants to leave their beloved at home, and with so many pet friendly hotels and motels you no longer have to leave them behind. Our pets bring us so much joy into our lives and we donít have to put them in neighborhood kennels or hire expensive pet sitters. Instead, with a little planning, we can take them with us. In this article, we will discuss how to have a safe and enjoyable trip with your precious family member. So, whether your beloved is a cat, dog, bird, hamster, potbelly pig or other animal, this article will teach you proven tips on how to have a safe and enjoyable trip with your pet.


1.         Plan ahead. Really plan your trip with all travelers in mind, including your pet. Decide how many hours you will be traveling and how you can make your petís trip as safe and fun as possible. When booking hotel reservations, make sure that you only choose pet friendly hotels and motels. Call ahead and ask if your pet will be welcome. Check to ensure that no extra fees will be charged and if such fees are charged, make sure that they are not exorbitant. Make sure that you know where all rest stops are and plan on making plenty of stops. This will ensure that your pet gets a little exercise and will be able to relieve himself/herself, if needed.


2.         Take your pet to the veterinarian. Before you even begin planning your trip, make sure that you take your pet to the veterinarian. This will ensure that your pet is truly up to traveling and is not suffering from any illnesses. Once youíre there, tell your veterinarian about your travel plans and ask for any advice. If you find that your beloved is sick, you might need to rethink your travel plans, or make sure that you find a qualified veterinarian at your destination that can meet your petís needs. Finally, make sure that you get a note from your veterinarian that states that your pet has received his/her inoculations and is in good health.


3.             Prepare a care package for your pet. Make sure that you have all the right equipment for your pet. For instance, if you have a bird, make sure that you have both a well-constructed pet carrier and a travel cage. Make sure that you bring appropriate toys and supplies (including wet wipes, newspaper, paper towels, baggies, water, food, vitamins, and anything else you might need). Finally, bring your petís ID collar with you, as well as their health records.


4.         Be patient and practice safety. Your pet will likely be stressed out and somewhat excited. Make sure that you offer them water and try and keep them on a regular feeding schedule. Also, always consider their safety. For instance, if you have a dog, make sure that you have them on a leash before you let them out of the vehicle so that they donít wander off. If you have another pet, make sure that you keep them in their carriers so they donít wander off or get lost.


 Traveling with your pet should be a pleasurable and fun experience. Relax and enjoy yourself and your beloved will too.


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