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Walk around Safety Check Before Leaving On A Trip, and Others Things to Do Before You Leave


f youre planning on driving your car to go on a trip there are a couple of things that you must do before you leave. By taking a few minutes to walk around your car, conducting a visual safety check, then you will be able to spot potential problems before they surface. In addition, Ive also included a few things that you should do to make sure that you and your car are ready to travel. By following these guidelines, you can significantly improve your odds of having a great trip with no problems.

Make sure that youre ready for your trip and not too tired. Get a good nights rest before your trip, and if you are going to be traveling a long distance, make sure that you stop as soon as you feel tired. If possible, also invite a driving partner who can take over when you get tired. This will enable you to catch some Zzzzzs and ensure that you dont have any fatigue-induced accidents.

Take a few minutes to review and understand your owner's manual. Make sure you understand such things as what grade of gas to use, how to operate cruise control, etc.

Make sure that your tires are in good condition and that you have a spare tire in case of a flat or blowout.  If your tires are showing signs of wear, replace them right away. If you notice that they seem uneven, they may need to be aligned. Also, make sure that you know how to change a tire and have the necessary tools to do so.

Check to make sure that all of your lights are working effectively.

Make sure that your wipers work and that you have windshield wiper fluid.

Pack an emergency road kit with fist aid items, a flashlight with fresh batteries, flares, water, high-energy food, blankets, matches, etc and check your trunk to make sure that it is packed.

Look in your trunk to make sure that you have auto tools, and that you also have a CB radio, and/or a cell phone in your car.

Check to make sure that your A/C and/or heater is working.

Copy and carry all drivers' licenses, registration, insurance policy and car keys and make sure that you have easy access to them.

Check all seat belts to make sure that they are working and make sure that passengers use them.

Check your oil to make sure that you have enough. If it is cloudy then get an oil change or do it yourself.

Make sure that you have enough gasoline. A full tank is preferred and that you have an empty gasoline holder in your trunk for emergencies.

Check to see if you see any leaks. If so, get them fixed before you pull off.

** Now that everything checks out, sit back, relax and have a great trip! **



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