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Used Cars with an Attitude - What Does Certification Really Mean?


ow much are you willing to pay for peace of mind? Manufacturer studies say that consumers will shell out an additional $900 just because there is a "Certified" stamp on a used car.  But what does that certification actually mean? 

Besides additional money, it means that these cars must pass a high number of inspection points that your typical used car does not. These inspections insure that your certified used car is usually in excellent condition. Certified cars cannot be too old or have over a certain amount of mileage. 

Whatís exceptional when it comes to certified cars is that they come with warranties. The difference in the warranty of a certified car is in the administration of claims, the financial stability of the insurer, and the superior coverage provided. Not only that, but all certified car care plans include coverage for parts and labor, for wear and tear, and even rental, towing, and travel/lodging coverage is available!

Your best bet is a certified car direct from the manufacturer. A manufacturerís certification typically includes extra warranties, roadside assistance, low deductibles on repair work, and even special financing. 

A benefit may be offered which a manufacturer will NOT tell you about. The business manager will often offer you a higher rate, so you must ask for the EXACT rate of the car you are interested in. Remember, the business manager is supposed to tell you this rate, so be persistent.

The downside is that the cost of certification is passed on to the consumer. You have to decide if the extra cost is worth it. 

Letís look at the pros and cons. On the negative side, a certified car costs more. On the positive side, itís a great comfort to have the extra warranty and protection, and to save money on the special financing that comes with certification. You will also be able to transfer your warranty if you decide to sell your certified car to a separate private owner later.

Because there is a trend toward companies offering certified cars, some financing companies are looking to cash in on this trend. They offer certification plans that build value into the car, but they are not as comprehensive or as expert as the certification you would get buying directly from the manufacturer. Of course, some certifications from financing companies may be just as good as the one offered by the manufacturer, but be aware that not all are the same or offer the same benefits.

When a salesman offers a certified car, find out if itís from the manufacturer or from another company. Then decide if itís good enough and worth the extra money. 

Whether your certification comes from a financing company or from the manufacturer, there is a powerful argument for buying a certified car ó those certified warranties eliminate the main anxiety of buying a used car.



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