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Driving Safely Five Safety Tips Most Forgotten


A vehicle can be a dangerous piece of equipment if you are not prepared to drive safely.  Drivers that get behind the wheel of a car need to learn to respect that vehicle for what good and bad it can do for your life.  When you first get behind the wheel of a car or truck when you are sixteen or so, you realize how big a car is, and how overwhelming the situation really is.  As you get older, your confidence builds and driving becomes a second nature for most of use. Will you be able to teach your children to drive safely?  Are you driving safely?  Read on for refreshers about driving safely in a car or truck not only for your sake but also for the safety of your family. 

You need to drive with two hands at all possible times.  This is for best reactions in times of emergencies and to ensure that you can maneuver the car as needed in dangerous situations.  Take for example, you are driving along the road, traveling about 55 60 miles per hour and suddenly a car stops, just stops right in front of you you need to be able to control the car to slow and go around, go to the side or veer as needed before you crash into the car. 

When you are traveling be sure you keep your maps and papers ready and easy to grab with in arms reach.  If you are lost, pull over to the side of the road to read a map or to use the phone to get better directions.  It is very easy to become disoriented and to cause an accident when you are driving.

Before you leave the driveway, set your radio to where the station you would like to listen to. If you like to listen to CDs, you should keep them on the seat right beside you so you are not reaching in the back of the car, or on the floor when you are trying to drive. Distractions in the car are one of the biggest reasons why accidents occur.  When ever possible, allow the passenger to change stations, switch CDs and to read the map when you are driving. 

A modern technology distraction is drivers using cellular phones.  If you must use your cellular phone when driving, make it a habit to pull over and talk.  There are many cities where driving while talking on the cellular phone is now illegal, and if you are in an accident that is not even your fault, you can still be held responsible. 

Safe drivers keep their children under twelve and babies in the backseat.  When children are not in car seats and not in seat belts they climb around the car and can be distracting to you causing an accident. Protect the children and protect yourself by using seatbelt and child safety seats no matter how far you are driving. 

Lastly, if you are required to wear glasses, wear them.  When you are driving and not wearing your glasses, you will find you are prone to get into accidents, and you could hurt someone.  It can be especially difficult to see at night when you are not wearing your glasses. 

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