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Mechanical Issues


Your car bills can be quite expensive when a minor mechanical part on your car causes major problems for you.  Imagine the situation, you are driving fifteen miles to work on the four lane, and you auto sputters as you coast to the side of the road.  Now what could possibly be wrong with your motor? 

Here you will learn some tricks and tips for fixing what might have been considered a major repair bill, with just a few tools and a little time of your own!  You can learn to replace sensors; solenoids, mechanical pieces, filters and belts on your car that will save you hundreds of dollars on a tow to the garage, and in labor hours.   

If you have ever noticed that with a car only three to four years old, the warranty might have just expired, and your car is making a loud sound from the engine what is it? How will you fix it? Where will the money come from?  You may be surprised that most often the garage that you are using for car repairs charges up to three times the purchase price for replacement parts and accessories for your vehicle.  On this little fact alone, you can save money when replacing parts on your car. Read on to find out how to repair the parts on your auto that break most often.


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